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Data Destruction

bdssolutions offers both Data Destruction and Hard Drive Disposal.

We understand how important  your data is  to your business. As technology expands and grows it is important to Understand how to properly delete your data from your computers hard drive (HDD).

According to the New York Times, a basic privacy measure that is often overlooked is the proper destruction of data on hard drives. An ongoing study by British Telecom says that most people don’t realize that deleting a file doesn’t actually remove the data from a computer. In fact, the BT research found that only 33 percent of second hand hard…

 November 16, 2008

Deleting data by pressing the delete button or moving a file into the trash doesn’t completely remove the data from your computer,  all this does is remove the files from the directory and flag that part of the drive as ready & available for data.  Until the data is overwritten it is still able to be recovered using specialised software that is available over the internet. The only ways to completely remove data from your drives is to overwrite  or destroy the hard drive physically.

Two Main Methods of Overwriting Data

The Gutmann Method

Based on Peter Gutmann’s paper “Secure Deletion of Data from Magnetic and Solid-State Memory“, this method provides the best security. Data is overwritten 35 times with carefully selected patterns, which makes it unrecoverable. Unfortunately, it also makes it time consuming.

US DoD 5220-22.M

Based on the United States Department of Defense recommendation 5220-22.M, this method overwrites the data seven times. While less secure than the Gutmann method, it is faster.

Drive destruction

While overwriting data is a secure form of deleting your data the only real way to completely ensue that your data is safe is to destroy the hard drive.bdssolutions offers both data destruction using the overwrite methods and hard drive disposal where we will against for the hard drive to be shreedred. If you would like bdssolutions to ensue that your data is gone please fill out your details and select the solution you require.

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Data destruction (Overwrite) $250

We will overwrite the the data on the drive to permanently overwrite the information on the drive. The Hard Drive will then be reusable and non of the previous data will be able to be easierly restored*

Hard Drive Disposal $150

We have the hard drive physically destroyed and recycled. This is by far the safest option for your data. The hard drive will be unusable after this process.